Best Game Controller reviews in 2018

Hey if you want to play games, the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller is the perfect companion to your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Kick back on your couch with your friends for a cinematic gaming experience on your TV.
This is a great controller for our Fire TV.. The controller works well for most of the games we play on the Fire TV. It has a long range compared to other controllers I’ve tried (solid at 30 feet) and uses WiFi Direct instead of Bluetooth. The microphone on it works as good or better than the one on the Fire TV remote. This controller is as responsive, if not more, than other controllers similarly.Expecting it to have a rubbery feel however it’s a nice smooth texture with just enough grip.

Feature of this product:
Compatible with the Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV (not compatibile with Amazon Fire TV Edition smart TVs)
Take gaming to the next level – Lets you play hundreds more games on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick than with the included remote
Ergonomic design – Fits naturally in your hands with precise and responsive controls so you can enjoy hours of wireless gaming
Instant voice search – simply speak into the controller to instantly find games, movies, and music, get information, and more
Stereo headphone jack – enjoy your movies, music, and games without distractions (only compatible with Fire TV 2nd generation)
Intelligent power management – up to 90 hours of gameplay without headphones on a single set of AA batteries (included).



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