Complete ideas about Heart attack

What is a heart attack?

Our whole body is continuously supplying blood
Heart. By living through blood, nutrition is alive
Our body cells. This heart itself nutrition
From where? The coronary artery is the heart’s heart
There are two small arteries on the body. These are nutrients in the heart
Provides. For any reason, in this coronary artery
If the block is created then the area or the array
The blood of the artery, the heart of the place with the nourishment
Does not work. There is a heart attack. Its book
Name Myocardial Infarction.
Heart is considered to be severe pain in the chest. This pain
It lasts 20-30 minutes. In most cases the patient
He died before reaching the hospital. So this is it
A medical emergency.
When is that?
May be any time.
→ may be sleepy time
→ May be a rest time
→ Suddenly heavy physical labor could be after
→ Outside the cold weather, it may happen
→ Could be for emotional strokes
Causes of heart attack
→> Atherosclerosis – straight
Tongue blood clots in the coronary artery
Going and venting the artery wall thickly flows the blood
Can not be.
Thrombus formation

Atherosclerotic stenosis

Coronary artery stenosis

MI [heart attack]
And → the lasting coronary spasm
Some uncontrollable Risk Factors of Heart Attack
Have there. For example,
→ age
→ gender
→ hereditary
Some controllable risk factor of heart attack
Have there. For example,
→ Smoking
→ High blood pressure
→ Hyperlipidemia
→ diabetes
→ getting hit
→ lack of physical work
→ Low fat diet and low fiber foods
→ stress
→ drinking alcohol
→ Hypo-estrogenomia
→ Birth control pills
How to understand heart attack?
There will be severe pain in the chest. It may look like this:
→ Suddenly, there is something very heavy to feel
On your chest
→ Feel a painful band around the chest
→ Chest pains will feel like cheating on the chest
→ Do not digest the upper part of the abdomen in the abdomen
Will do
→ small breathing
→ Geyser
→ becoming unconscious
→ see blurry
→ Vomiting, it could be
What can not be done?
Drive yourself to the hospital and leave for the hospital
Do not delay a moment to go to the hospital.
What should be done?
→ If the heart attack has been caught then the patient is immediately
Aspirin / warfarin is good for eating national medicines.
It will stop blood clotting.
→ To give nitroglycerin spray below tongue.
→ be patient
After taking the hospital, the doctor is very kind
You can do the treatment. According to the need, the doctor
You –
→ Can ECG
→ Can give oxygen in a synthetic way
→ Give your intra venous fluid (medicine) in your hands
→ Can give nitroglycerin
Your doctor also understands the situation
Other treatments can offer.
If you do not work on medicines, then you have to be the surgeon
Go to the table where-
→ NGroog will see how much your block is
→ If the block is high, and the medication seems to not work
If you do, you have to do angioplasty. this
In the process of your small rib
Micro-rings will be worn.
→ If you still have a heart attack in the future then
Even open heart surgery or bypass surgery
May have to In this case the surgeon is in your surgery
Make a vein from your heart’s vein to the foot
(Great saphenas vane) and cut it with the artery
One of the normal blood streams is part of the problem
Bypass road can be created.
Also, your doctor understands you
Other treatments can offer.
-Don’t smoke
Stay away from the drug
-Don’t worry
Keep the pressure normal
– Diabetes control
-Liston control
-Cournier eat less food
-Shishabji – Eat more than fruit
-Delish excess weight of body
– Do physical exercises every day. At least 30 minutes
Now you know something about this. Now be careful,
Stay good
Disclaimer: The above information is for knowledge only.
Medical law without the advice of registered doctor

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