Best Gaming Keyboard in 2018

I have been using this keyboard for a whole week now and I really like it. I bought this for my office computer, the keyboard they provided was terribad…all sticky and sluggish. The difference between this and the rubber dome switch keyboard I had is like day and night. This is a much better keyboard overall, I wrote an entire paper on it and I could see that my wpm was improved. The key responsiveness and input recognition is drastically better, no lag at all and instant output. This keyboard has blue switches so they are a little bit on the noisier side if you are into that. I knew what I was getting into and it doesn’t bother me at all.

As far as the construction of the keyboard goes it looks pretty premium. It has precise laser cuts and a nice weight to it. Really sturdy keyboard, made of metal and feels like an expensive item. It stays on the desk, it does not slide around…something my old keyboard did which was annoying. The USB cable has a nice fabric layer covering it so it looks really good. The LED settings are pretty cool, I’m not going to describe them but I uploaded a video to demo them. Everyone that sees the keyboard goes nuts when I toggle between the effects. The lights are pretty bright and very visible even with lights on, you can toggle how bright you want them to be. Pretty good purchase, makes my desk look hella cool.

(Anti-ghosting 104 Keys)Blue switches, Full key anti-ghosting. allows multi-keys to work simultaneously in high speed. No matter how fast you are, the mechanical keyboard can give you quick response for ultra-fast double and triple taps. You’ll be always one step ahead with your instinctive control against your enemies while they are typing in a sea of keys.
(Tested by professional gamers)Professional gamers tested the keyboard over 180 days. For every detail of your debugging to the perfect. Also our mechanical keyboard come with keycap puller, you can change the switch if you like.
(Color and design)We innovatively use full-metal keyboard, surrounding with 64 LED lights, double-deck vertical rubber keycap, each cap has independent light, Have 21 modes RED light effects.
(Ergonomical design) The stepped keycap makes it sleek, fitting your hands and fingers easily to prevent fatigue, Multimedia and Shortcut Keys “FN”+”F1-F12”. Easy access to media, volume. No drivers required, plug and play device, Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux etc.
(Warranty)3 year warranty provided. Made of top-grade ABS and metal, it is robust and sturdy. High quality multilayer mainboard twice as good as others.


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